Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rock On

Once upon a time, there was this band called Muse. Behold/listen: they rock.

Once upon a much earlier time, there was my daddy. He's kind of an old fart. He's a slightly stubborn fighter who doesn't give up. Ever. Never start a water fight with this man. You will lose. After battling cancer for almost twenty years, he's pretty skinny. He happens to be a huge Muse fan.

And let me tell you, that old dude can really rock.
This last week, Daddy finally cashed in on his biggest Christmas present from me, and we went to the Muse concert in SLC. It was, in a word, epic. 
We rocked. 
We rolled. 
We endured a random Utah blizzard. 
We maybe might have almost blown the Bose speakers in the car on our way back to Provo. 
We stopped at In-N-Out at midnight. 
Yes, it is the week before finals. Yes, I have four major projects still to do. Yes, I had class the next day. Yes, I lost my voice for a day from screaming and singing so loudly. Yes, this did not help my sleep deprived state.
No, do not have any regrets.
Love you, Daddy. Keep rockin', dude.
This song goes out to you.