Why Rush Slowly?

"Rush slowly" is an idiom from India which I first heard through my pseudo-grandparents who were living in India when I first began this blog. Through the years, it's come to have some more personal meanings for me, but the general gist is this:

There are always hundreds of things to do and many tasks waiting for your attention, but you have to take time in all your rushing to slow down to not only do your best work, but also to experience the simple pleasures of life.

I first started this blog with testimonies. I was a sophomore at Brigham Young University when I enrolled in an honors New Testament class; we were assigned to blog about our thoughts as we read through the synoptic Gospels. It was my first experience with expressing my personal thoughts in such a public way.

As the semester waned, Rush Slowly became epiphanies mixed with more testimonies and a lot of rambling. My blog became an outlet as well as a support page for friends and family as together we faced my daddy's second relapse of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, a nasty beast which he has been battling for 21 years.

Then came my first journey as I traveled to India as a volunteer with Rising Star Outreach. Nearly two years later, Rush Slowly again became a forum for me to share my experiences on the other side of the world while spending a semester in Jerusalem. And every once in a rather long while, a bit of poetry makes its way out of my head and onto these pages.

But perhaps the biggest change for Rush Slowly came via a kitchen epiphany one summer day; food has always been a crucial element in my life. Those closest to me can testify that I trade favors in a currency of cookies and those I love are feed nearly as often as they are hugged—and I do a lot of hugging. Since then, recipes have become a main focus of this blog, bringing a new meaning to "Rushing Slowly" while scurrying around the kitchen developing new recipes.

Thanks for taking the time out of your rush to slow down with me.