Monday, October 12, 2009

This One's for Gooj

Today is my mommy's birthday! Cue the cake with lots of candles & a chorus of raucous happy birthday singing. But because she's kinda far away from me & I can't bake her a cake & jump on her, I thought I would do the next best thing - a photo essay of why I love her so much, complete with a couple of her favorite songs. yay!
She's so pretty - who would think she's turning 50?
& she can totally rock the pashmina.

She loves me even though I'm a pest & always takes me "The Way I Am."
bother bother bother bother bother!

She still holds me, even though I'm kinda big now.

She comes to see me at football games.

She poses ridiculously with me in front of nature's wonders.

She's got GREAT legs. *whistle* Foxy even at fifty.

She loves my daddy after over 30 years - she'll always be his "Brown Eyed Girl."
& they have really cool hairstyles. :D

She keeps our family from going totally insane.
I love my Gooj - she's so much more than just my mommy. She's my confidant, my late-night editor, my nurse, my head chef, & my bestest friend. We have our on language of movie quotes, silly quips, & old sayings. We are Goojah & Boojah. We have awesome dance parties & look at our reflection in the mirror as we "Sway." We sometimes we sing harmony with "Hallelujah" & sometimes we just sing out of tune. Gooj is the queen of silver linings; no matter how tough the going gets, she always finds a bright spot among the clouds.

They say your mother is the most influential person in your life - I know that's true for me. She taught me to walk (I still get pointers on how to walk in heels). She taught me to talk, which is why I say "market" instead of "grocery store." She has taught me how to love & how to forgive, how to be fearless & how to accept my limits. She taught me to swim, & she taught me how to stay afloat when it feels like everything is sinking. She taught me how to cook without paying much attention to recipes. She taught me how to be a duck. :) She taught me how to be me.

Much love always, Goojah!
Happy Birthday!
Cake date later?


martha said...

awwww kelsey, i love you and your mom and your dad. you have the coolest little family :)

this makes me miss my mommy.

ron and joyce hanson said...

Okay, you are too sweet and now I have snot running down my face!!!! Love you so much. It takes you being a wonderful daughter to make such a mommy as you say.
Kisses all over your face!!!

Kristen said...

I love you Goojah!! Happy Birfday!!!