Tuesday, October 13, 2009

down from the ceiling drips great noise

The little bits of creativity commonly known as "word verifications" never cease to amuse me. Maybe it's cause I like words so much. Maybe it's cause I like made-up words even more. Maybe I'm just really easily entertained.

Top winners for today:

scucka! - Okay, the exclamation mark is added - but doesn't it just feel necessary?

pishatang -I feel like this could be a name for an epic fish tank or a really cool scarf, likely neon.

dioink -This is now the official name for the like flick I sometimes give to the forehead of my dear ones who are behaving ridiculously.

pastshag -A little piece of hilarity shared by an unknown comrade on Martha's blog.

Also, I'm taking a cue from Martha's awesome blog, which I stalk diligently, & naming this post with a lyric from a great song by Mum. I first heard this song on a video for Rising Star Outreach made by the awesomely bearded Matt. I was smitten. With the song. & my little ones.

Speaking of Rising Star, our 5k Fun Run was a great success last Saturday! We raised well over $1,000 for the school in India. Much love & thanks to everyone who came to the run, donated, sent out facebook invites, or helped me out with flier distribution. You guys are the best!


Andy said...

Thank you for the gracious comment. I'm glad to have received it, and the bounty that accompanies being referred to a blog as rock solid as yours.

Screw you, Work Day. Come back later. I'm reading.

Kels H. said...

ha ha, Thanks to you, Andy! I definitely know how you feel - blogs are an addiction.

& awesomely - my word for this comment - dingedli. That definitely needs to be an adverb.