Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Five Reasons Why I Don't Want to Grow Up

I'm in a silly sort of anti-responsibility mood right now. Nothing major, I promise, I won't be joining the hippie movement anytime soon. I think it's more Peter Pan Syndrome - I'm a bit unsure of what the future holds, so maybe I'd rather just stay away from all those grown-up decisions and worries. Childhood was pretty awesome. There are some things I just don't want to let go of.

1 - I love gummy bears. And I feel like mature, adult-size people shouldn't like a candy that looks so silly & tastes so fake. But I do. I adore them. (I was thinking about this love for gummy bears yesterday & it inspired this entire list. Cool, huh?)

2- I love swinging, even though it makes me dizzy quite often. I can play on a swing set for hours - flying through the air, that moment of suspension, it's such a simple rush. I also feel like somehow swings break down barriers; some of the best conversations I've ever had have been on swings, whether silly or serious, sometimes it seems like people show who they really are a little more when you get their feet off the ground.

3- I love climbing trees. When I was little, we had the most magnificent fig tree in our backyard. I think it was designed by God especially for the climbing antics of a little girl. No toy was a beloved to me as my fig tree. I think I even fell asleep in it a few times.

4- I love playing dress up.* Maybe I should be ashamed to admit this, but I'm not. I think Halloween is by far the most entertaining holiday & I wish we were given more excuses to pretend to be someone else. I think theme costume parties are awesome, I dress up for movie premiers, and my roommates and I often don crazy clothing for late-night photo shoots or random dance parties. (Okay, Carrie and I do this a lot more than the other girls.)

5- I still don't like bedtimes, as is obvious by the time signature of this post.

*Please note - my love for playing dress up does NOT mean I'm Barbie-like kind of girl that always looks just right. I'm not a fashionista. I don't do accessories. I don't wear skinny jeans. (no longer true...) I just thought I should clear that up, lest you expect to see me looking like I just walked out of a fashion spread. You would be sorely disappointed.

So- here's a spot for your shout outs - Why don't YOU want to grow up?


Shankar said...

One of my friends says her mother has a fridge magnet that says: "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." You could adopt that as your motto, too.

martha said...

dude. i hate bedtimes too. so much. i don't want to let go of that either.

chloe said...

For me, its hop scotch and the dizzy game and never giving up on the theory that the rest of my family is robots, and I'm the only normal one.