Saturday, May 9, 2009

Market Research

No, this is not a blog about wise financial planning & investments - I'll leave that up to those that are a bit wiser than myself. This post is about why I love markets in Southern California.

Market - (m-ahr-kit/ket) a store that sells fresh produce, deli products, dry goods, and other assorted food stuffs; a grocery store.

Sometimes I have a bit of an eclectic vocabulary; I tend to pick up little phrases and terms from the people around me. I believe the credit for calling a "grocery store" a "market" goes to Joyce and my mother, who also picked the term up from Joyce.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Markets in Southern California

1- Fresh artisan breads. Very few things make me happier than a loaf of really flavorful bread with a good hearty crust. Sorry, Wonderbread, I've upgrade to a classier carb.

2- The cheese selection is AMAZING. & I like cheese.

3- A good shopping soundtrack. I don't know if it was just the particular Von's we were in the other night, but during the length of one quick grocery run I heard, "Come On, Get Higher," "Fix You," & "Let Love In," - all of which probably make my top 20 favorite songs. Oh, and one other song with a female vocalist that I really like, but I forgot everything else about. Anywho - the music was good & I was pleased.

4- A fresh cut flower selection that includes more than carnations & roses that smell like plastic. My mom says I've always been a flower child & I love all the little flower shops down here. & the fact that the flowers actually smell good!

5- Hansens's fruit smoothies (strawberry guava = bliss in a can) & Have'a Chips. YUM

*AUTHOR'S NOTE* I don't actually like that music video for "Fix You." I think it's pretty dumb. Also - if you're going to wear an all black outfit, don't wear white running shoes, okay? It just looks... awkward.

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