Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Leaving On a Jet Plane

When I originally started this blog, it had two very specific purposes: to write entries for my New Testament class at Brigham Young University and to discuss my preparations for my trip to India with Rising Star Outreach. But lately my posts have been a little less spiritual and a lot more spastic, a bit less focused on my journey to India and more random ramblings. All the silliness has been fun and quite entertaining (I had more comments on my post dedicated to the color blue than any other post to date.) But now that India is right on the horizon, I think it’s high time I return to my roots.

With my departure date looming only a little over two months away, this trip is starting to feel very real. For about a year now, I’ve been saying, “I’m going to India next summer!” But “next summer” is NOW. My fundraising letters have been sent, my passport is being processed, and I’m making doctor’s appointments to get a prescription for Malaria pills and be vaccinated for Typhoid Fever.

I am terribly nervous and incredibly excited. I have been so blessed throughout my life; I feel like this is an opportunity for me to serve and give a little bit back. Working in the Rising Star school outside Chennai as well as in the leprosy colony will be a great chance to see firsthand what a huge difference a little bit of love and care can make.

If you’d like more information about Rising Star Outreach or would like to find out what you can do to help, please contact me at rush.slowly2009@gmail.com or visit http://risingstaroutreach.org.

More India Prep posts to come: The Children of Rising Star, SUS's (Suitcases of Unusual Size), and New Shower Rules.

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Amelia Harris said...

That's so exciting! Can't wait to read all about your new adventures! :)