Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She Paints Me Blue

I've recently been smacked upside the head by the realization of just how much blue there is in my life. It's kind of ridiculous. So I felt like writing a series of lists about my relationship w/ the color blue:

Experiences That Have Made Me Notice My Obsession.
1- I went shopping shortly after Christmas & only managed to buy one item of clothing that isn't blue or green. It's grey. I got the grey sweater so it would go well with all my blue & green.

2-My roomie face Carrie was wearing a bright blue shirt yesterday that she doesn't wear very often & her boyfriend/my buddy Jason thought it was mine. Apparently, anything that particular shade of a
zul is just assumed to belong to me. 9 or 10 times this assumption is probably right.

3- My closet. I have a mild form of OCD (maybe) & therefore like to organize my clothing by color. The sections go a bit like this: Dark Green, Green, Greenish Blue, Turquoise, Bright Blue (aka Kelsey Blue), Light Blue, Dark Blue, BYU Blue, Purple/Pink/Red (this section contains about 4 things), Brow
n, Black, White/Grey. There is no yellow & no orange. I have one pink dress & one pink shirt.

4- My room - here all my stuff is baby blue or dark blue or bright blue. At
home my walls a green, my curtains are blue & white, all my bedding is blue & white. Obsession much?

Reasons I Like Blue
1- I go to Brigham Young University. Blue is practically holy.

2- Blue is the color of the ocean.

Van Gogh rocks my world

3- Blue is the color of the sky.

4- Blue can express a lot of emotions. Have you ever seen a pensive shade of Pink? I didn't think so.

5- I just do. I think I have some weird chemical make up that allows the color blue to stimulate endorphins in my brain.

A Greatly Abridge List of My Favorite Blue Things

1- the ocean

2-the sky
again, Van Gogh is the man

3-the cool edge of my eyes you can only see if you look really close

4- my bestest friends'eyes - both Kristen's & Carrie's are gorgeous blue, but different shades

5-my men's flannel shirt that Carrie thinks is heinous & ugly. I don't care. I love it.
coolest/comfiest shirt EVER.
6- jeans. I love blue jeans.

7- facebook. It's blue. & as much as I hate to admit it, I love it.

8- my iPod
9- cookie monster
anyone who regularly throws tantrums for cookies makes my hero list

10- my new hoodie

11- my lucky polka-dot shoes

Ah, what the heck? I love this picture

12- my board shorts

13-my sharpies

14- my university

true blue, through & through

15- my daddy's 1941 Chevy
The Big Fat Blue Chevy (Daddy's is a gorgeous midnight blue)

16- my running leggings (aka my super woman tights)

my "cape" is also blue

17- my Aston Martin...oh...wait...that was just a dream. crud.

Yes, I did just write an entire blog post about the color
blue. I must be really cool or something.


Annalisa201 said...

I just came accross your site randomly - I was just pushing the "Next Blog" button at the top. I noticed the Van Gough pictures and the other pictures you had... and your post was very interesting, and exciting (about going to India). Plus, I have family in Salt Lake City so it's kind of a common ground.

Kels H. said...

That's awesome! I hope you'll keep reading.

Goojah Mama said...

I have a smile on my face after reading this most recent posting on the color blue. You make me smile and I love it and you. You can never have too much blue, check my closet!

Stephanie Crandall said...

Hey Kels! You and Your BLUE! Hey, it's a wonderful color! btw... I found your blog cause of facebook ;) you should check out mine at I don't have anything as cool as BLUE but it's pretty fun!
Luv ya heaps!~

Shankar said...

How about blues music? Or bluegrass music? "Blue Bayou" by Roy Orbison (or the Linda Ronstadt version, which is also very good)? Blues Traveler? "Blue Suede Shoes" (I never had a pair of those, but I had a pair of blue waterproof hiking-type boots when I lived in England).

PS: Do you know Collen Christensen?

Kels H. said...

I do know Collen - he's actually a pretty good friend of mine.