Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have a serious case of deja vu. Have you ever felt like you'd "fought the good fight" and finally gotten over something? Anything, a problem, a trial, a crush, a sticky situation, an argument, a grudge. Whatever. We've all felt that sense of relief, of triumph, that "yay! go me!" feeling.

But sometimes life likes to play the boomerang game and throws back the same issue, all over again, as soon as you turn your back. I've felt the sting of those boomerangs smacking the back of my head. Four times. Since Monday. yay. Go me.

I know this all sounds rather vague right now. That's intentional. I don't really want to go into detail or whine or gripe or mope. I just want to send a big "ARGH!" out into the void.


take that, void. yeah.


BEAZER said...

yeeeeeah kelsey. you tell the world.

Goojah Mama said...

Here is my ARGH!! to add to yours.
Double ARGH!! take that.

chloe said...

um lets mad lib.... and tell what happened

Kristen said...

you go girl