Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Couple Random Thoughts

First of all, today is a day of celebration because 19 years ago today my fantastic bestest friend Kristen (aka Goober) came in to this world. It has been a better place ever since. This picture goes out to her:

This was quite possibly the most amazing cake EVER. We went through a few different names for it, but finally settled on Pure Chocolate Seduction: The Cake. Kristen & I concocted this hunk of goodness a couple weeks ago when I was home for the long weekend. The pink layer is raspberry cream cheese filling.

My darling Kristen & I have a sort of interesting history full of lots of late nights, crazy quotes, very loud singing, & inside jokes that have great blackmail potential. We will always be friends because if I ever got on her bad side she could probably run my life with all the dirt she has on me. Oh, & I absolutely love her, which is another reason to be friends forever.
This is pretty much the essence of the KH^2 girls.

The first song on the playlist also goes out to Kristen & her epically purple Mercury Cougar complete w/ broken sideview mirror.

A few other random thoughts:

1- I'm ready for spring. I am displaying this readiness to Mother Nature by refusing to wear my winter coats. So far the only results have been very cold hands & a general freezing feeling.

2- I have lately taken to listening to really loud music on my way to campus in the mornings. When I've got my hip hop playlist cranking, I have to work very hard not to start dancing. Sometimes I give in just a little. I can only imagine what the people walking behind me are thinking...

3- Super skinny jeans bother me. I don't think they look good on anybody. Especially not on super skinny guys. Really, gents, I don't know of any girl (besides Chloe) that is attracted to spaghetti legs.

4- I am really hungry RIGHT NOW.

5- I finished my volunteer application to go to India a few days ago. It's crazy. It still feels really surreal, but I can't wait to spend 30+ hours on a plane, spend 4 weeks surrounded by poverty like I've never seen before, work in a children's school in Chennai, & spend some quality time in the leprosy colonies. Really. You can learn more about all the amazing endeavors of Rising Star Outreach at their website or on Ron & Joyce Hanson's blog.

How could you not want to spend 4 weeks surrounded by smiles like this?

6- I feel like a lot of things are all happening at once. To quote the wonderful Switchfoot, "I'm standing on the edge of everything I've never been before." I have a lot of big decisions & adventures ahead of me. I am crazy excited to see what the next few months hold for me.

7- Little fact about me: I'm not very patient. When I want something, I'm usually not very good about waiting for it. I will wait, of course, but I would much rather just have it right now.

That's pretty much all I have to say right now.



Kristen said...

that cake is basically amazing... oh, and we always be friends, fo shizle.

chloe said...

kelsey, why have we (and by we, i mean you, of course) made this cake yet? I want to ditch the fork and dive in face first. (another goal of mine: eat a cake with no utensils and no hands)

also, thanks for the shout out. trust me, if you would have seen my biology TA freshman year, you would think differently about spaghetti legs too.

chloe said...

also, the chilluns are cute. i want to hug them.

Kels H. said...

If you guys want to chip in for ingredients, I'm all in favor of making this cake again. It wasn't a terribly difficult recipe, but it was possibly the most amazing piece of goodness that has ever contacted my tastebuds.

Shankar said...

When you do #5, you will probably encounter a lot of #3. Not jeans, per se, but Indian trousers are far narrower than American ones.

PS: When are you going to do #5?

katydid said...

oh my goodness....dancing to hip hop on the way to campus. yes yes yes. it is a problemo. I usually break it down...I can't help it!! haha.