Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Do you ever wonder who sits around & makes up all those word verification things that are supposed to heighten internet security? I do.

Also, did you know that the length of the Great Wall of China is equal to the distance from Miami to the North Pole? Yeah. It is. This fact has inspired me. I now plan on going to work for National Geographic.

& last but not least, this new facebook epidemic of 25 random things has sparked a lot of random thoughts in me lately. Here are some of the best random facts about me:

-If I take a nap on my bed, I sleep upside down. There are a few various theories as to why I do this.

-I can think of song lyrics to fit almost any situation.

-I have a lot of freckles, or beauty spots if you like, but not many of them are on my face.

-I like my applesauce frozen.

-I don't laugh when tickled - I screech nonsensical gibberish. But only when I'm feeling really ticklish.


Shankar said...

Frozen applesauce? I think it's safe to say that's something you won't get during your month in India.

Ron and Joyce said...

I think Shankar is right--we haven't seen too much of that here. Have you designated when you would like to be here? I think Matt and Natalie and boys (maybe their own and a few cousins) are looking at the 2nd week in July, but they will only come for a week. Love your bog--much more creative than the one that comes from RSO! Oh well...
Love to you, Joyce

Kels H. said...

I can probably survive without it for a month. I think. :) I applied for May 28- June 23, but the only reply I received said that the volunteer dates had not been decided for 2009. What?