Friday, May 1, 2009

A Few Things to Ponder

Well, my dear readers, I warned you that the, erm, "quietness" of my summer at home was likely to incite a LOT of random blogging...well, I wasn't kidding. With considerably fewer people to talk to, I have quite a few strange opinions & musings floating through my thoughts. This almost always leads to a new blog post.

First of all, yesterday I was filling out my passport application in preparation for my trip to India. You have to do quite a few things to verify your identity, but you really don't give any information that tells WHO you are. Name- Kelsey Elayne, height - 5'6" (actually, 5'6.5"), hair color-brown, eye color-hazel, address- blah blah blah - that's all important, all they care about, really, but that's not me. That's just the glimpse of me that you might see walking down the street, although you might think my eyes were brown from a distance. You'd be wrong.

Second Random Topic of the Day- Victoria's Secret is now making "Layers of Lovespell" - Vicky herself sent me an email this morning to tell me the big news. They've now separated the alluring scents used in their most popular perfume into three independent flavors, so you can mix & match & make your own personal Lovespell. I'm still trying to decide whether this is shameless exploitation the popularity/power of one perfume, the next thing to go on my birthday wishlist, or an attempt at world domination through pheromones.

Third and Final Random Thought (The last one for this post, anyway) - I adore Wiki. love love love love. I would not have survived this last semester without it. Last night, I spent over an hour following random link trails through a myriad of articles - some interesting, some ridiculous, some seemingly pointless. I am now much more knowledgeable about the band Muse, fairies, J.M Barrie (the author of "Peter Pan and Wendy" - Wendy was not a common name before his book), and falconry. I was hunting for inspiration, for I have been given a great task: to find a worthy name for my roommate Jess' blog - if I come up with a good enough title, she will create a blog. My life now has a purpose. (And suggestions are welcome!)

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