Monday, October 26, 2009

Just a Glimpse

Today I found myself standing outside an art exhibit that I had been planning on going to see since I found out about it this past May. Every time I had thought about going earlier this year, there was some reason why I didn't. None of them are very good reasons.

Today was the last day of the exhibit. I stood alone outside the barrier and watched for glimpses of some of the paintings as they took them down and packed them away in boxes. I didn't see much.

I had wanted to see those paintings for months, but I let myself get distracted too many times. What I wanted in the moment overshadowed something that would have meant a lot to me. Seems like that happens all too often, doesn't it?

Why did I wait? Was it the idea of a better time, a better place, someone to share that with? Yes.

But in the end, all I had was a glimpse.


Kristen said...

this is sad. but thanks, because now I'll try not to let experiences escape me. and I'm sorry you didn't get to see it.

Maili said...
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Maili said...

Kelsey, this is sad but thought-provoking. A great metaphor for real life. Too often we put things off until it is too late. Hopefully not the important ones! :)