Monday, November 16, 2009


Everybody gets distracted & lately I've needed a few things to keep my mind occupied. Here are some of my favorite anti-study/think things:

- So, I've been reading my blog from last November and it's been a good reminder of how much I have been blessed. I think I did some of my best writing then, probably because my focus wasn't just me. Also, *this* is just really amusing... at least, to me it is.

- The new John Mayer album, Battle Studies, is just amazing. Thank you, Mr. Mayer, for writing my what my soul is feeling. (You're currently listening to one of my favorite new tracks; there will be more as they become available.)

- We used this Dave Barry article as an example in my grammar class today. You might not want to read it with your mouth full, for various reasons.

- I adore Kazooisms - it makes me pray that I will have witty and amusing children so I can blog about their awesomeness.

And my fellow bloggers (see blog roll -> thataway) - many of us were actually together, in person, last night, and what did we end up talking about? Our blogs. And how they say a lot about our personalities. It's kinda shocking how transparent we all are when we just thought we were blogging...


martha said...

i'm sad i missed out on that blog conversation. hopefully someone had some insight on mine haha

also, i just read about a 20 posts on kazooisms. i am now a hopeless follower. *sigh

ps. your word verification is "exies" haha

Allison said...

I listened to the John Mayer song. You're right. That is a great song. Mellow and awesome. Thanks for telling me I needed to listen to it. I'll make sure I always listen to the songs you have playing

Kels H. said...

Martha, the irony of your word verification on my blog is kinda awesome.

& thanks for listening, Allison. :)