Tuesday, July 6, 2010

YOU Choose

I am opening a poll. (See, look. > It's over there. Go, fleet little voting fingers.) There are many reasons for this. They are mostly these:

1- I'm curious to see how many people actually read this blog, or even look at it. (AKA - Why did you all stop commenting?)

2- I am sometimes not so good at decision making. So you do it.

3- I'd like to see what type of food you people might be looking for.

4- I want to please my fans. & I just want fans. :) love me.

...that's pretty much it. So, vote. Exercise your democratic taste buds. So, tell me whatcha want, whatcha really really want.

thanks & stuff.


Andy said...

Hey, remember that one time you said you were gonna write something about Canada because I was the whatever-th follower?


Tyson and Madalyn Dustin said...

ha ha! I know what you mean! I am wondering if anybody reads MY blog anymore. I don't want to post anything if not ya know! I don't like it when I get no comments! :) he he! But don't worry, I will keep followin ya! I like new recipes. and I am sure yours are fabulous :)

Goojah Mama said...

Everything you cook is wonderful. Just cook something! Hurry! Are you running?

Jaynee said...

everyone wants comments. it's nice to feel noticed, yes? well I read your blog now and again if it makes you feel better ;-) I'll try to leave more comments.

Jaynee said...

p.s. not to criticize, but I think you might get more feedback if you had pictures w/ your food, because that catches people's attention and they are more likely to see what the picture is all about by reading what you've written. I have a friend that only orders food at a restaurant if it has a picture to go with it (which isn't totally sound judgement, but it sorta proves what i'm saying). just a thought. I'll read what you write no matter what :)