Monday, October 10, 2011


I wrote this little ditty during my first semester at BYU, now 4 years ago. I was still figuring out college life (still am, really), new to Facebook, and loved tying ribbons in my hair. I'd forgotten about this poem until my darling friend Carrie asked me about it a few days ago. She and I met each other in that writing class so long ago. After 2 years of living in the same room, planning her wedding, lots of late nights, crying on each others' shoulders as our Daddies battled the same cancer monster, and sharing life in general, I am still so grateful for that crazy beautiful blonde girl (who I later found out changed her hair color monthly) who shared a mutual stalker with me and a propensity to procrastinate on the housing hunt. Here's to you, Currface. luhju.

PS - Cerusa is a character from Greek drama —I was writing an essay about her & ran out of story so... like any good writer with a stagnant character, I killed her. I'm not really a morbid person.


Today I am a ribbon,
Just floating on the breeze.
Not quite sure where I’m going,
but just doing what I please.

I write a silly sonnet,
wait for a boy to call.
Decide to kill Cerusa,
leave a message on a wall.

I try to make decisions,
give my life a place to go,
but today I am a ribbon,
softly drifting, falling slow.

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Kristen said...

Me gusta that poem! thanks for sharing.