Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December 29th, 2011

This is my best friend and his cute mama. 

He married me.
(How lucky am I?!) 
On December 29th, 2011.
It was pretty awesome.

The most handsome groom I ever did see.

The night before, we had a party with lots of friends and loved ones.
There was a bit of cake smashing

And some dancing.

But the sealing that took place at the Newport Beach temple, just inside that window behind us, was by far the most spectacular experience.

Now I know that I'll have this wonderful man 
at my side 
for the rest of my life.
And if we faithfully keep the covenants
that we've made to the Lord
and to each other
death won't part us.
We will spend eternity as husband and wife.

We were so grateful to be surrounded by friends and family.

And loved the addition of some little cousins.

Had a great line-up of wonderful friends (many of whom traveled far to be there).

We felt the love of friends who have become family through years of laughter, tears, & love.

We showed off our classy sides.

We also kissed a bit.

The Murdoch Men looked particularly dashing.

There was more kissing. With some extra help this time.

I even caught some air.

I have new family members to love.

And a husband to share my adventures, trials, and triumphs.


Running through the fog to the beach that has always felt like home was exhilarating.

And then the sky caught fire.

My cousins, Tiff and Alan Hancock, of Hancock Photography, captured our day beautifully.

Standing in my groom's arms, 
toes in the sand, 
on the beach where I grew up was 
the perfect way to end 
our truly perfect day.

While planning a wedding in 56 days 
and keeping my budget under $5,000 for two receptions, 
life got a little crazy a few times.

But I like crazy. 
And I had a great guy to love me through the insanity.
And the support of so many who pitched in to make our wedding possible.
Our parents were incredible, our friends were kind, and we felt so loved.

 I love my newly expanded family.

With my Mr. by my side, life as a Mrs. is pretty fantastic.


Danie Rae said...

Sooo darling.

Jeri Kay said...

perfect, I don't even know what else to say. Love, Mama Jake

Travis Winkler said...

Can you even believe how blessed we are to have the covenants of the temple!?! And people have a hard time seeing the good in the world! Look no farther! Thanks you two for doing it right. I am so very happy for you and proud of you. A new eternal family started on that day. I can't think of a more significant event in all eternity! Angels certainly were in attendance. What great students you are! The Lord loves you and so do I. :-)