Thursday, August 29, 2013

Martha's Molten Chocolate Cake & Julia's Favorite Chocolate

As most of us already know, Martha Stewart knows a few things about "good things." Also, insider trading and things that aren't nearly as pleasant as chocolate cake, so let's not talk about that. Let's talk about a some dark, deep, molten chocolate decadence that you can whip together in all of twenty minutes. And it's pretty.

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Many of Martha's recipes, although big on wow-factor are also big time commitments. Shredded phyllo-dough birds' nests?!  Ain't nobody got time for that. (But if I ever do, you can bet I'm making this to welcome spring and become a truly epic baker/artiste.) Then there are the creations that it seems only Martha and my friend Allison, with her magical powers can make successfully, like this darkest chocolate hazelnut crepe cake. Some of those user reviews really rip your heart out. I hate to hear about chocolate hazelnut crepe dreams collapsing in a big heap on your kitchen counter. After eight and a half hours of work. Ouch.

Luckily, this recipe is nothing like that. It is dessert simplicity at its finest, with only seven ingredients, nine if you count the whipped cream and strawberries that you really should serve with it. But the true stroke of genius with this cake is the first step, in which you butter your cake pan liberally, then dust it with good-old granulated sugar, rolling the pan from side to side to spread sugar up the sides and around the bottom of the pan. During the short baking time, this butter and sugar combo crystalize to form a lovely, crisp outer crust that not only yields beautifully to reveal the molten interior but also slips surprisingly easily from the pan. 

Let's also talk about chocolate, another of my favorite topics for discussion. Ever since MJ spent a summer in San Francisco a few years ago and brought me some Scharffen Berger, I've been a huge proponent of what Julia Child reportedly dubbed the best American chocolate. Scharffen Berger extra rich milk chocolate is some of my favorite for nibbling on, with just enough sweetness and a slightly bitter bite. Their 70% cacao bar is my favorite for baking. Maybe someday I'll try making this cake with something else, just to see if it is as good. But... why risk it? However, should you decided not to wait to find some Scharffen Berger goodness before baking this cake, I would recommend using bittersweet baking chocolate rather than chocolate chips.
I also like Ovaltine, because there are some days when you just can't have
enough chocolate with your chocolate. 

If you don't live near stores that sell these beautiful bars (like Whole Foods nationwide or Fairway and Food Emporium in NYC), you can buy them directly from Scharffen Berger here. And, wouldn't you know it, they offer free shipping. 

Finally, let's talk about when you are going to bake this. The answer, if not tonight, should be as soon as you can possible get your hands on some good baking chocolate. Go to, dear ones. And don't say I didn't warn you if you find yourself making it multiple times in a week. I know I sure did.

I have a wonderful mini-bundt pan that may not technically be a bundt because there are only little belly-button-like divits in the center of each cake, not a deep hole. This is what makes that pan so idea for this recipe, as well as many other quick breads and cakes. You can purchase versions it here and here and here

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