Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Old Favorites

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, as my family just got back from a trip to Cancun, which was possibly the most awesome vacation of my life to date. As I'm the only member of my family that speaks more Spanish than is required to order at Taco Bell, it was up to me to be the interpreter, haggle over gas prices, read road signs, & translate at church. It was AWESOME. But now it's almost 2 AM, so let me just give you a bit of info on the newest additions to my blog playlist.

The Sun & The Moon by MAE makes the list of my favorite mellow songs, probably top 5. I love the slow piano & the lyrics rank among the best. Painted skies & ocean eyes? I'm a fan.

You're the World to Me & Babylon by David Gray - I love David Gray. Yet again, the lyrics are what really get me hooked. "The One I Love" has been on this playlist for a long time & holds a special place in my heart, but David Gray has written some of my favorite rainy day/late night driving music & it's high time he got a bit more recognition.

Sorry to "Generator" by The Holloways - it's been demoted for a bit of over-excessive peppiness/catchiness.

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