Sunday, June 28, 2009


Firsts are fun. I like firsts.

My trip to Cancun deserves about 7 blog posts, it was that amazing. However, life is crazy & I’m a bit lazy, soooo… here’s a list of things I tried for the first time while I was in Mexico.

1-Riding in a “car” smaller than a golf cart.
2-Speaking Spanish with “real natives” & asking for directions at 1 AM.
3-Caviar (I’m actually not a fan)
4-Smoked Salmon – that’s good.
5-Tuna, the fruit – it comes from a cactus, is a wild pinkish color, & is wonderfully sour.
6-Guayaba – aka Guava – almost as good as the juice I am so addicted to.
8-Mexican Mango – much better than the kind you find in the markets in the US.
9-Swimming in the Caribbean – it’s WARM & it kinda freaks me out. But gorgeous.
10-Staying at a five star hotel. swoon
11-Going to a spa double swoon
12-Getting a real massage.
13- Clorofil water… kinda tastes like minty alfalfa-flavored water.
14- Seeing Tulum & Chichen Itza in person & climbing to the top of the temple at Xbalan.
15- Haggling over the price of gas IN SPANISH.
16- Avocado rice – yummmmmm
17- Goat milk caramels – I NEED to find a source for these in the US.
18- Listening to classical music while watching the sunset from a plane.
19- Saffron marmalade – crazy delicious, especially on ham.
20- Prawns, with their heads still attached. They watched me eat them. It was slightly disturbing.
21- Simultaneous translation - HARD!
22- Plain yogurt topped with honey – I’m hooked.
23- Celery & something else green juice
24- Seeing stars I’ve never seen before.
25- Facebook ads in Spanish.
26- Hearing little tiny kids speak Spanish – possibly the cutest accent ever
27- Swimming in a Cenote.

And about a million other things... but that's another post.

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