Monday, July 6, 2009

Counting Days

I arrive in India on August 2nd. For those of you who don't like to frequently count days on the calendar, that's just 26 short days from today. *insert awed face here* My to-do list for the next three weeks is beginning to feel a bit daunting, but I am incredibly excited for this awesome opportunity.

Here are just a few highlights from my list of things to do:

1- Learn to shower without getting water in my mouth - for a chronic shower-singer, this is very difficult.

2- Get immunized for Typhoid Fever & Meningitis. Tomorrow. I don't like needles. uh-oh... someone please hold my hand?

3- Wait patiently for my visa to arrive. (& Patience isn't always top on my list of virtues...)

4- Get used to the idea of water buffalo milk on my Wheaties... yummy.

5- Pack an extra-large suitcase with very few things.

6- Write about 100 thank you notes - Sorry I'm slow! I AM grateful... but also busy... but thank you to everyone that has supported me, both financially & emotionally. I really appreciate all the confidence that everyone has in me & all of the well wishes.

7- Figure out how I'm going to survive three weeks in 100+ degree weather when I'm not allowed to wear shorts. EEEK.

8- Talk my way in to a window seat for the 20+ hour flight.

9- Tell Amelia H that she's awesome about 703 times! Thanks so much for your help & faith in me!

10- Get ready for my biggest adventure of my life.


ALSO - a VERY happy birthday to Mr. Keaton Jolley, who used to comment on my blog & now spends his free time creating the most randomly entertaining podcasts on this earth, quite possibly in the whole universe. He's over there > check it out & wish him a rockin' birthday on the 8th.


Keaton said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Kelsey!!! and thanks for promoting my blog... i thought you couldn't get the podcasts? anyway hope you are having a great day!!!

Shankar said...

1. You get to have genuine showers, or "bucket showers" like most Indians?

4. And how are you getting Wheaties? Bringing them with you?

7. Indian garb is designed to be cool. You'll be fine, as long as you don't wear jeans.

8. Check in early. That's what I'm planning on doing on Thursday.

10. Have a great time. Everyone seems to.

Ha-ha: my Word Verification is "trippr". Appropriate ahead of our respective trips.

Kristen said...

Oh, that's exciting! Do you need help addressing envelopes? I think that's possibly the only thing I could help with...

Kels H. said...

You are so welcome, Keaton - I haven't been able to listen recently, but I'll get caught up ASAP.

I'll be taking my Wheaties with me & I *think* we have normal showers...

Kristen darling, I would looooove your help - & we can bake a cake or something.

martha said...

dude, if i can survive 3 weeks in 100+ degree humid hotness in pants only, you can too! :)

i love you kelsey - you are still the cool girl i met in Glenwood Apt. #178

you better send me a postcard.

Keaton said...

So really random, but the title of your post is really close to a sweet Collective Soul song called "Counting the Days"... yeah...

Kels H. said...

Thanks, Martha - you are my soulmate. & I shall for sure send you a postcard... although I may actually post it from the US. :)

I don't know that one, Keaton, but I'll look it up. & I very much like titling posts & such with song titles, so let's just say that was intentional.