Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come On, Get Higher

As I shall be spending the majority of the next 2 days airborne, I thought "get higher" seemed like a pretty fitting sentiment. And that song is often stuck in my head these days, so it just felt right. :)

The big day of departure is TOMORROW! I'm on my way to India for three weeks. It feels incredibly surreal & I'm feeling more than a little bit inadequate at the moment. But I'm looking forward to this new adventure & opportunity to serve & teach at the Rising Star Outreach School in Chennai.

While I'm in India, I'll continue to post updates on this blog - hopefully with pictures, too! So leave comments & keep in touch! Thanks to everyone for all the love & support - you've helped make this dream a reality for me.

It's real. I'm leaving. Tomorrow. EEEK!


chloe said...

ba! exciting! eat curry!

martha said...

i love you babes.

here's a tip: take a picture of even the most ordinary things that stick out to you. eventually they'll become normal and you'll forget how weird the "normal" things are in india.