Monday, August 3, 2009

A Whole New World

I've made it to India at last! My computer time is limited, so pictures will have to wait, but for now I thought I would share with you a very abridged list of firsts.

- flying over the Pacific Ocean
- chilling out in the Hong Kong airport - Burger King's soft serve is AWESOME in China
- being on a plane for over 14 hours straight
- traveling for over 30 hours, about 7 of which I spent asleep
- painting houses in a leprosy colony
- learning how to say "spider" in Tamil - something like etukalpuje.
- reading bedtime stories to a group of about 20 5-8 year old boys that call me "Auntie Kelthey" - they all seem to have trouble with the "s"
- going to the LDS branch in Chennai - the people are amazing - so happy, so grateful, so full of the light of Christ.

India is hot, dirty, humid, & absolutely amazing. I've never been so exhausted & I've never fallen in love with a place so fast.

Thank you to everyone who has supported & loved me & helped me on this trip. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here. This was originally a much longer post... but then the power went out. & my brain isn't functioning totally right now. I think a bucket shower might help. So good night!

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martha said...

hey cute face! i'm so glad you're having a blast. :) keep the posts coming. soft serve icecream was better in japan too. i think maybe it's an asian thing.