Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Diggity No More

I dug a hole today. Actually, multiple holes. & they were big. I'm pretty sure in about 100 years, there will be a Grand Canyon in India as a result of the digging we did today. & now I hurt. But my life is still awesome - I love INDIA & all the fabulous people here. Tonight I spent about an hour singing lullabies to Miriam V. & then we sang primary songs together. I don't think life gets much sweeter than that.

But... my whole self is too burned out to write or post anything right now - so I would suggest you read this blog:

It belongs to Miss Jennie Dozie & she has been doing an awesome job of documenting all of our adventures. Love to you, Jennie.

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Amelia Harris said...

I love that you guys are documenting all that you do! I followed your link read up on what you guys have been doing and just had tears streaming down my face... I'm such a pansy! :) What an amazing experience to be able to do something for those people. :) You truly are an AMAZING girl Kelsey :)