Monday, August 10, 2009

Lack of Color Here/Birthday Wishes

First & foremost, I must apologize - I've been taking hundreds & hundreds of pictures, but uploading them here is just really impractical... so... I guess we can all learn to be patient together. Anywho - sorry for the lack of pictures (aka color) on the blog - India is spectacular & I can't wait to share it with you!

I am no longer a teenager.

I am twenty.


I bid farewell to my teenage years by watching the sunrise from the gardens of the Taj Mahal. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. One thing I've learned from India is the need for flexibility - a lot of times we head out to the colonies without really knowing what we'll be doing. Many times what we find is totally different from our expectations. I'm pretty sure this is true with everything, not just humanitarian work in India. The Taj Mahal was no exception - but it completely blew away my expectations. That building is stunning; the white marble has this glow at sunrise that makes it seem really ethereal. It was utterly beautiful & I was so grateful to be able to start my twentieth birthday in such a unique way.

Our wonderful guide told us so many amazing stories & facts as we travelled through Delhi - & he knew it was my birthday & gave me a beautiful pashmina. All my fantastic RSO buddies even got me a cake at our hotel. We spent the afternoon exploring the massive Agra Fort. Although it was very different from the pristine white of the Taj Mahal, that red sandstone complex was really impressive - I definitely wouldn't want to try to storm that castle. Despite being such a huge fortress, it also incorporated the grace that is so prevalent in India - everything is decorated in the most beautiful fashion. I love it. We spent some time shopping -yay, presents! & then went to Pizza Hut for dinner. & let me tell you, Pizza Hut in Agra is very different from Pizza Hut in the US - namely, they play really loud techno club music, that miraculously continues playing, even when the power flickers out. It was awesome. & Pepperoni pizza has NEVER tasted so good. Actually knowing what I was eating for the first time in over a week made a nice change.

I think I'd like to have my birthday in India a few more times, please. It was definitely memorable.

& I promise I'll post pictures ASAP!

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martha said...

aww kelsey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) i'm jealous. i would love to have my birthday outside the country. hot dang. it's amazing how you appreciate american food (or unappreciate it, depending) when you don't have it anymore. i can't wait for pictures!