Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Is India

We have a saying here at Rising Star - it works for when things go wrong, when we run late, when it's REALLY hot, when the electricity goes off right after you've typed a huge blog entry - we simply say, "This is India." & that's that.

I love being here. It's already been life changing & I've been here for 4 days. Wow. If I didn't miss some people back in the US so badly, I'd never leave. Ever.

Sadly - I can't get any photos to post directly on to here... so... here are a couple links.

This is how you ride in India - some seriously love in the back of the Sumo Tata.

This little boy, Ajay, is brand new at the school. He doesn't speak much English, but he's so sweet - he fell asleep in my arms a few nights ago. :)

Home for the next 17 days - wow, this time is passing quickly!

I'm still deciding whether I like Indian food (as in dinner) but the SNACKS are DELICIOUS!

Part of our group of awesome volunteers - please note the awkward Jared Boy.

MY FAVORITE PICTURE - Jennie & I with Ravi Chandran, a patient a near-by leprosy hospital & the funniest guy I've ever met.

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