Friday, July 17, 2009

Everything I've Never Been Before

The past few months have been full of journeys, recipes, testimonies, and stories, as well as epiphanies - yet another "ee" that should probably be featured in the subtitle of my blog. I feel like I've suddenly reached a point in my life where everything is starting to change; there are a lot of big decisions floating out there on the horizon, just waiting for me to catch my breath and make the next leap. The wonderful lyrics of Switchfoot's "On Fire" have been running through my head a lot lately, as I really do feel as if "I'm standing on the edge of everything of never been before."

If you hadn't yet noticed, I like making lists, so here goes one more. I'd like to call it, "Real-izations."

1- I have some stunning tan lines. I may look a bit like a skunk.

2- I get on a plane to fly around the world to India TWO weeks from TODAY. wow. Soon I'll be starting my days eleven and a half hours earlier than I do here. Soon I'll be in a foreign country surrounded by ancient beliefs, customs, and architecture. Soon I'll start my days by singing primary songs with the children of the Rising Star Outreach School in Chennai, India. Soon I'll be facing poverty unlike anything I've ever seen. Soon I will have water buffalo milk on my cereal each morning. Soon I'll see stars I've never seen before. Soon I'll walk in the gardens of the Taj Mahal. Soon I'll be on the biggest adventure of my life. Those three weeks in India will be full of new sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. The trip that I've talked and dreamed about for months finally feels like a reality, and now I feel more than a little bit inadequate and intimidated. I'm just a little girl from a tiny farm town in Idaho. What could *I* do to make a difference to India? Not much, but I can make a difference in the lives of those I meet in India. I hope I can bring a part of my experience in India back home to share with all of my friends and family who have supported and believed in me.

3- My twentieth birthday is three weeks from tomorrow. I think this means I have to grow up a little. Which might mean that I have to make some grown up decisions. This is both thrilling and terrifying. :/

4- Our Father in Heaven truly loves each and every one of His children, no matter where they live or what language they speak.

5- Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith & believe.

6- Naps are good.

7- There are some people that just fit into your life like they were meant to be there.

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Amelia Harris said...

In respect to #3... Nope, you don't have to grow up! I give you permission to stay cute and young forever! :D