Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soundtrack, Take 2

School is crazy. I already spent the majority of my day in the library, & my hair is up in a bun secured with a pencil. This does not give me much optimism for the prospects of my social life. But having a job as a TA is great fun; giving people grades is a thrilling mix of feeling powerful & feeling intimidated.

In other news, I'm starting a new soundtrack for the blog for this new year. Right now, its a blend of some new favorites (Ben Solle = love) & some old classics (David Gray also = love). & if you haven't caught on by now, there's a lot to the lyrics.

Enjoy & keep listening - I'll be adding all sorts of new goodies.

You can still listen to all of my playlists HERE.
(oooh, linkage. pretty.)

1 comment:

Cansirboi said...

I love your grandpa sounds like an awesome man. I should have been clever enough to come up with something that cool.

The question is how long before you found out that grandpas dont really have puppies?