Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Random Amalgam

Some random thoughts for the day:

Number of things I have eaten today: 3
Number of things I have eaten today that contained spinach: 3 (yup, even breakfast)
Are my eyes bright green YET?

Today I learned that the fur on the hood of my coat has a purpose. I learned this because I took the fur off. Bad move. Its purpose is to catch all the snowflakes that usually get in your eyes and hold them captive in all of its furry fury. I had very wet eyelashes when I got to class this morning.

I think I have Multiple Fashion Personality Disorder. Yesterday, I wore skinny jeans, tweed ballet flats, and a tailored white blouse from BR. It required almost no matching skills from me and felt very '50s/Audrey cute/springtimey. This might also be called "Kels' Ideal Outfit." Today I'm scuffing around in my blue chucks with plain jeans and a blue long-sleeved thermal top. Monochrom/pajamas. It's cold? For the sake of I just want to, this is yesterday's ensemble. I now feel like one of those fashionista bloggers & their selftimers. gah. It's really a shame you can't see how perfect this shirt is - it has tan buttons and sleeves that poof, just so.
this is me, being narcissistic. & cheeky.
And then there's this: I call it "Juxtaposition." 

thanks, facebook
Happy Wednesday. Thanks for wandering through my random thoughts with me.

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martha said...

that is a perfect outfit, i agree. *love <3