Friday, March 20, 2009

Mellow Music = Old Person?

I used to think that the above equation was just how it worked - once you started listening to a lot of acoustic music & the volume wasn't constantly set on the highest setting, well, you might as well go buy yourself a rocking chair & a pair of those "ultra supportive" ugly tan/black shoes, cause you're well on your way to your geriatric years.

I would like to retract the above opinion. Why? Because...I have mellowed. I recently discovered a set of acoustic cuts of some of my favorite Anberlin songs & was practically in heaven. Back in my wilder days, nothing could back my ears throb quite so pleasantly as Evanescence, POD, Linkin Park, or Foo Fighters blasting as loud as my little discman could go. Oh, how my mother loved those days. But I like being able to understand the lyrics. I'm not a fan of screamo, despite the efforts of some friends to convert me, & I've reached a point where constant loud rock grates on my nerves. Does this mean I'm growing up? or getting boring? or becomeing a totally lame old fogey way before my time? I hope not. I'd like to think I'm just getting a bit more refined & a tad less rebellious in my music selection.

I haven't completely forsaken my old taste in music - not even close! I still love driving around with the windows rolled down & the music as loud as it can go. And I don't think I'll ever be able to go more than a week or two without a healthy does of Muse, Linkin Park, or my beloved Anberlin...but lately I find myself smitten with acoustic guitars & melodic pianos.

This new mellower version of myself is pretty apparent in my recent additions to my blog playlist - what can I say? I've always been a sucker for good lyrics, & these soothingly soulful tunes seem to be stealing their words right out of my mouth right now.

A few notes about the notes:
-"Have No Fear" is from the movie Seven Pounds - one of the only things I liked from the entire film...this song may have pulled a few tears out of me...maybe...

-"Retrace," "Like a Rolling Stone," & "Enjoy the Silence"(great cover of the Depeche Mode song) - a few of my newest Anberlin favorites - oh, how I adore them.

-My love for "Twilight Serenade" has nothing to do with vampires. the end.

-the Joshua Radin songs - credit goes out to my fellow blogging buddies, Beaz & Martha, both of whom are on duet kicks - keep the suggestions coming, you two have great taste.

- "Romeo & Juliet Love Theme" - So, sometimes I'm just really sappy, okay? I'm a girl. It happens to the best of us. Plus, I love the violins & cellos...*swoon*

LISTEN TO THE LYRICS - a song isn't worth much if it's lyrics don't say anything worth saying...unless it's hip hop - then that rule pretty much goes flying out the window. :)


Kristen said...

now I'm gonna go listen to all those mellow tunes... and the hip hop rule is so true.

martha said...

dang, i completely agree. i used to be all about the hard, fast stuff too. and now i like frank sinatra and ella fitzgerald? like what the heck?

thanks for the shoutout! i am going to look up your songs. :)