Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Would Write a REAL Post, But...

I think I left a large portion of my brain behind in the testing center. bleh.

(cue list of incredibly obvious observations)

- I am finished with my sophomore year at Brigham Young University. woo.

- This means I am now a JUNIOR at Brigham Young University. That sounds like a big deal.

- I turn twenty this summer. This also sounds like a big deal.

- I am going to India for almost a month in August. This IS a big deal.

- My right arm is still a little bit tingly from that beast of a test I just finished.

- 3 months of almost absolute freedom are in front of me.

- This summer is going to be full of "events." Events meaning things that are scheduled to happen this summer that may or may not have a huge affect on the course of the rest of my life.

- I was a little bit sunburned yesterday. Today I am not. But I do have some pretty sweet tanlines.

- I am absolutely smitten & swooning over this car. It's on my wishlist for my birthday.

- Everyone is moving out. I think it's gonna be a bit lonely around here for the next few days.

- I would very much like it if Jess decided to give me her jean shorts. I am totally smitten with them.

- I am in a floaty sort of mood. I want to go do something... I don't really know what...I think just about anything would be acceptable.

- I currently LOVE this song.

- I really really really really really REALLY don't want to do anything even remotely productive right now. Hence this list.


martha said...

DUDE. i love that car too. good choice! :)
what are the chances i could persuade you to stay for summer?
also, i like the duet posted. nicely done. i shall add it to my list of goodies.

Amelia Harris said...

LOVE the car!! It is amazing! Wishing, crossing my fingers, legs,eyes(and any other parts that I can) for you to get it for your birthday :).... then maybe I can at least get a ride in it! ;)

Kristen said...

dude... totally awesome car! and I liked the little bit of the song that I listened to.