Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Way I Am

So, there's been a serious lack of blogging on my part lately, but when you spend all your time writing essays, writing just for fun looses a bit of its allure. However, I shall be going home to my beloved little hick town this summer & will have a LOT of free time. And as we all know, a lot of free time = a lot of random ramblings on my part.

Also - I would like to officially welcome Mr. Keaton Jolley, whose name fits him so perfectly it's astounding, to this little blogging circle. You should check out his blog, he's got some pretty spiffy stuff going.

Oh, blogging... what a wonderful journey of self expression and self discovery. Try it. You'll be addicted, but in a good way, like you get addicted to running or swimming or chocolate. :) I know a lot of my posts don't really seem to have a point, but just know, they are always inspired by whatever I'm musing about most. Sometimes you lucky people just get to read the thoughts that spill over - sometimes there's not room in my head for all of it, so this is where it goes.

Lastly, Happy Easter! I love Easter - I love all the trees in bloom, the fresh green grass, the promise of summer on the way. And mostly I love my Savior. I am so grateful for His sacrifice so that I might be able to live with Him and my family after this life. He can be our constant help and companion if we just let Him in to our lives and hearts.

THIS is very tender and very applicable to each and every one of us.

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Ron and Joyce said...

You are the best, Kels. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts --they inspire us!

Love, Joyce and Ron