Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love is in the Air

Everyone, no seriously, I am not exaggerating, EVERYONE is getting engaged. I think there have been 5 new engagement albums pop up on my facebook since last Friday. There are about 7 couples just in my singles ward. I have gotten three bridal shower invitations in a week. Don't get me wrong, I really am very happy for all you lover birds. It's just...it's weird.

I am now the exact same age that my mother was when she married my dad. I think I'm the only girl from my home ward in Idaho my age that ISN'T married. I feel like an old maid & I'm not even twenty. & I am still much too silly to be married. I'm not ready to grow up that much yet.

Not that I'm in any rush... life as a single lady is just way too good to let go of just yet. I am still much to silly to be married. I'm not ready to grow up that much yet...but there are couples everywhere. & I...I...I just needed to say something about it. I feel better now.

And for all you blissful newly engaged lovers - check out THIS AWESOME WEBSITE. My cousin & her husband have been doing photography for years, but they've just decided to really go for it and make it their business. Tell them you know me & Alvin will pull funny faces to make you smile genuinely. :D


katydid said...

dear pal. i totally totally get this. i am two months away from being my own mother's age. :) and my list of engaged peeps has almost hit the 30 couple mark. it's a crazy place this provo is!

Kristen said...

crazy! I think this is a universal epidemic... it's here in Pocatello, too.