Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ninja ____ Freakin ******* RAD
Spiffy +++++++++++++++++++ Jeebie Weebies
Seriously?!_______ Tool ---------goo!
o rly? ............face! face face face
***************nifty -+-+-+-+-+-+-+NCMO
player/playa shitake

Slang is SO COOL. ( < that's slang, too, typically used by Chloe) Just look at the color & interest it adds to this sentence.

"Whoa, man, that is one freakin spiffy ninja!"

Translation - "That is a really impressive person." blah.

Thank you, slang! And many thanks Pherd, Scott, & Amelia for their supes ( < CVD slang) wicked awesome ( < Jess slang) verbage( < Kels slang).

What are your favorite slang words? Or just favorite words in general?


martha said...

i pretty much stick to GOO!

but you already knew that. :)

Kristen said...

thought that is technically Katie's slang. I just stole it :)