Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rosemary's Birthday

With over 160 children living in the hostels at Rising Star Outreach, sometimes it's a bit too easy to get lost among the masses. But each child gets one day to be special, one day to put away their normal play clothes and dress up, a day to give out candy to every other child, one day to share their cake and be the center of attention.

One of the first birthdays we got to be part of was Rosemary's 6th (? RSO-ers, help me out here) birthday. With her slightly mischievous smile, gold dress, & orange runners, Rosemary stole all of our hearts & a large portion of our memory cards. These pictures are some of my favorites.

The birthday girl, Miss Rosemary. (The shoes, oh how
I love the shoes!)

Cutting cake (yum!) with the help of her daddy. Having her

dad there was a special treat itself, as the children live at
the school for most of the year & only see their parents on

certain visiting days a few times during the school year.

Mariadas was pretty excited for his piece of Rosemary's

massive heart-shaped cake. (From Left to Right: Ajay,
Jabstin, Mariadas, & Peter)

We started a tradition of taking awkward pictures of Jared,
our sole boy volunteer, throughout the trip. This bashful
picture with our pretty little Rosemary is one of the best.

Nothing better than swinging on your birthday.

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chloe said...

these littleuns are precious