Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Augusta Victoria

One of my favorite Sara Bareilles songs has a lyric about "see[ing] the doorways of a thousand churches." I'm beginning to think that by the end of these four months in the Holy Land, I'll break 1,000. No sweat.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from one fot the first churches we visited. This is the Agusta Victoria, a beautiful Lutheran edifice built on top of the Mount of Olives to commemorate Jesus' ascension into heaven. It was built by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II & completed in 1910. It is truly a beautiful building and the acoustics in the chapel are truly awe-inspiring.

Random fact: the flights of stairs to the top of the bell tower are comprised of 222 steps. I counted. 

The view from the top.
View of the top. The ceiling was a combination of mosaic & painting.
You can read more about the beautiful Augusta Victoria here, via Wiki.

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Kristen said...

whoa. That is gorgeous. And incredible.