Friday, January 7, 2011

Dawn from 40,000 Feet

There are few sights in this world that fill me with more joy than watching the sun rise while I'm on an airplane. Although I've seen the sunrise quite often, there's something different, ethereal, and entirely mesmerizing about watching from above the clouds. It truly is awe inspiring. And my now-traditional soundtrack only heightens that sense of awe at the splendor of creation. Someday, when you're on a red-eye flight, forfeit the sleep and wake up to watch the dawning of a new day. It's far more energizing than a few minutes of uncomfortable sleep. And when you do witness this dawn, you must listen to the 5th and then the final movements of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite for the full effect. The combination invigorates the soul.

About to touchdown at JFK.
I can't begin to describe the pure joy I felt when I had the chance to see a new day dawning from over 40,000 feet a few days ago while on a 10.5 hour flight from JFK in New York to Tel Aviv, Israel. And here I am! In the Holy Land!

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Goojah Mama said...

Great thoughts and photos Kels. Dad especially likes the photo of the JFK runway. Nice job! He laughed out loud!
So excited for you.