Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Found You

Some of you may know that my most beloved Carrie VDAkinakanakanakankaannananana came here to the Jerusalem Center just one year ago. Since then, much has changed in her life--her name, her hair color, and, perhaps most significantly, her roommate situation. Last year, I was the one left in the US, pining for my partner in grammatical crime. But this year, I decided to make the trek to the other side of the world, helped greatly by her advice, wisdom, and well-loved guidebook. And despite being surrounded by incredible people & absolutely stunning scenery, I'm definitely missing my Curr'face.

We think we're really fun. & we like mustaches. But not on guys. 
But today, something happened that brought my Carrie a bit closer to me. As we went for a tour underneath the Jerusalem Center, we came to a place where students from past semester had written their names on the walls. Hundreds upon hundreds of names were scrawled in chalk & sharpie, but I was still hoping my some miracle that I could find Carrie's name. 

This is a place of miracles. I found her! The inscription now reads, "Kels Holloway <3s Carrie V." 
Luff ju all the way around the world.

I also got to wear a green hardhat. It was pretty exciting.

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