Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Best of Bad News

Isn't it funny how sometimes even bad news can seem totally
wonderful? I was the blessed recipient of such news yesterday
- my daddy's cancer is back, but it's the same cancer it always
has been. Now, that sounds like awful news, but we were
expecting SO much worse. This truly is such a blessing and I
want to send my thanks and love out to all of you who were
pulling for him and my family all over the world, whether in
India, Chile, the East Coast, or right here in Utah. There is
power in prayer. This truly is miraculous news. I am so happy,
so grateful, so relieved, and very hopeful. My mother wrote a
great letter to many of our close friends and family that I'd like
to share.

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been so blessed by your love and prayers. We have felt
your loving arms around us in spirit and in person and we so
appreciate it.

We saw Ken's doctor today for the final results on the tumor biopsy.
Ken and I were very nervous as it has been a busy and stressful
couple of weeks. We received the "BEST OF THE BAD NEWS" to
quote Dr. Kushner. (Ahem - no, that was me that said that.) The
lymphoma has NOT changed into an aggressive type (as was
anticipated) and Ken will be treated with the same type of chemo
as he had 3 years ago. This treatment is much more tolerable
and makes his own immune system fight off the cancer. Ken will
receive 4 treatments, 1 each week the next four weeks with the
first starting tomorrow morning. It is a 6 to 8 hour infusion starting
at 7:30am. This news from Dr. Kushner today was quite different
from what he told us 2 long weeks ago. He initially felt very
strongly that the lymphoma had changed and had laid out a whole
different plan for Ken which included going through bone marrow
transplant. So today’s news was, we feel another miracle in our
lives (I hope we haven't used up our allotment). We still have
challenges ahead with the treatment that Ken will receive but we
feel greatly relieved not to be facing the BIG stuff.

So with this news we send our heartfelt gratitude to each of you
for your prayers, love and concern. We also recognize the blessings
of the Lord's hand in each step that we have been through now
and through the years. We are truly blessed and have learned to
greet each day with thankful hearts.

With so much love and thanks,
Corrie & Ken

There is always a silver lining. Daddy will be done with chemo
before Christmas. I think that, and still having him here with me
after all these years, is the greatest gift I could have this year.


Angela said...
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five foot two wants to dance with you said...

that and our book. :)

i luj you.


Jason Akinaka said...

Awesome note Kels! You'll make it. You're family seems so tightknit! You always have a friend in me!

five foot two wants to dance with you said...

for some reason it said my name was angela...what the...?

Shankar said...

I'm glad that you are all being so positive at this news. It is inspiring.