Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Wonderin'

I think that BYU is a bit...peculiar. =) Here is my short list of reasons why:

-People randomly burst into song on campus all the time, especially around the Holidays.

-Tons of people sleep on campus (including myself). Apparently this is not normal college behavior?

-A lot of the students are married/have kids.

-Disney music is totally cool.

-The library is full of Christmas decorations. There are Christmas Trees on every floor, garlands on the banisters, and random piles of wrapped packages in various locations. Will someone please tell me if this is normal? I have no idea. I kinda don't think so.

-People tend to smile.

I think I like all of this weirdness, but it is a bit different. But who ever wanted to be exactly like everyone else? I think it's awesome. Slightly ridiculous at times, (c'mon people, let's at least wait until after Thanksgiving to play Christmas music constantly) but it keeps life interesting. & happy.

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