Sunday, March 6, 2011

...And This is Just Day One

Egypt was pretty cool, despite things heating up politically whilst we were there (don't worry--they locked us in our hotel so we couldn't go join the protesters). But between the slooooooow internet at the center & a fallen (& woefully wounded) camera, I haven't had the chance to post many pictures. But thanks to the high speed wifi at Hebrew U & a brand new shiny camera from the States (thanks, Costco, for having an amazing return policy!), here is some long-awaited photographic evidence of my Egyptian adventures. (sorry about the sideways pics)

Taylor James Henderson III and I doing our very best Egyptian poses outside the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Do you believe this?

Climbing the Great Pyramid--best part of this picture? Easily Jeanelle's face. & the guy behind me.

Ready for a naming exercise? Here we go, left to right: Tay, Heidi, KHutch, Cory, Piers, JennyC, me!, Joshua, Bez, Stacey, Abibi, AJ, Linds, Megan, Britt, Jared, Lauren, KelsMc, Laurel, Abby, Addy, with a Spenster, Jeni, Mark, & Sadie on top. whew.

They even look cool sideways.

Chadwikipedia & me. (He's like Indian Jones, only...realer.)

This is what it looks like on the opposite side of the girl pictures.
Engagement pose in the temple near the Sphinx. So in love. So in Egypt.

I have friends who jump off of tall, ancient walls. Spester, Ally, & Piers.

Taylor gets excited about an archeological find.

Lauren & I could get used to life like this.


Goojah Mama said...

Whoa, love all the pics and the new heading on your blog!!! You have been a busy girl. Now I just need to know what you are doing in all these pretty pictures.
love you!

Kristen said...

These pictures are amazing! I'm glad you finally got some fast internet to post them all. :)

martha said...

i want an idiana jones figure in my life! i knew i was missing something...