Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life in Luxor

Our digs in Luxor were pretty nice...

Egypt gets pretty green along the Nile.

Oh, this? This is the Nile.

Definite highlight of the Egypt trip: watching the sunset from a falukah (sailboat) while floating down the Nile.

"See the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sunset from a tropic isle..." or maybe just stick with the Nile the whole time--it was lovely, although I wouldn't ever swim in it.

One of my favorite adventures: after getting lost in Luxor and accosted by a man who spoke every language we threw at him (we pretended not to speak English, but the guy spoke Arabic, Russian, and Spanish, too. ridiculous), Spencer & Taylor bought some killer new shades. Then we found the Shady Hotel... notice the d? classy.

Morning boat ride on the Nile to the Karnak Temple. Welcome to a typical day at the JC.

We were passengers on the last run of the night train from Luxor to Cairo; they shut it down because of the riots about 5 hours after we got off the train.

In the hypostyle hall of the Karnak Temple.

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martha said...

i was wondering about you when i heard about the riots - crazy you guys were so close! lucky indeed... coincedence?