Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Isn't About Basketball (Not Totally, Anyway)

The title of this blog post may not make sense. Let me explain.

We have finals this week.

In my past experience, the only collegiate finals that happen in March typically involve a large wooden floor, two hoops, men in shorts, cheerleaders with short skirts and pompoms, popular rock songs, comparing brackets, an orange ball, and a lot of screaming college kids.

Here, we have limestone floors, just one Hoopes (who typically goes by Neal), men aren't allowed to wear shorts, girls with long skirts and Hanes vnecks, songs about rocks, comparing Hebrew notes, eating oranges, and a lot of screaming college kids. And the only dribbling we do involves toasted pitas filled with melty sesame butter/nutella that runs down our chins. *slurp*

Nevertheless, finals are upon us. Therefore, check out my cool friends with awesome blogs upon which they post pictures in which my face is sometimes featured.

Take a look at a week in the life of Spence
Check out my roommate Lindsay's latest blackmail.

But speaking of basketball...
how 'bout them third-in-the-nation COUGARS?


bgerson said...

I am enjoying living vicariously through your adventures..and loving every minute!
You're awesome

Jaynee said...

honestly, I think the March "festivities" over there sound a bit more appealing, especially those nutella-filled pitas (drool)