Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...Except It's Actually *Really* Blue

I speak, of course, of the alluring Red Sea.
Whoever called it red was obviously colorblind. Love that tropical azure.
On Sunday--which is our day off here at the JC, as we celebrate Sabbath on Saturday (like the Jews)--we traveled to Eilat, a beach resort town along the shore of the Red Sea. We've hit the Red & the Med in the last 10 days, now we're heading for the Dead next week. No complaints from this water baby.
My lovely Hawaiian friend Mallory said it was *almost* as good as the Islands.
It was glorious to plunge into that bright blue water and come face to face with fish like I usually only see in my dentist's aquarium. We even saw a jellyfish! With the sea, the salt, and the sun, I was a happy girl.

On our drive down to Eilat, Bro. Chadwick (aka Chadwickipedia) told us all about Lehi's journey from Jerusalem and along the very trail we were driving. It's incredible to see how all of the stories I've read so often weave in and out of each other here. 

And to make the day even bettah, I was blessed with the honor of wearing The JC Girls' Shirt. It is the height of Middle Eastern haute couture.
Did I mention that I love my life?

you might want to re-live summers gone by & listen to "Never Let You Go" by Third Eye Blind.


Christine said...

Kels I hope you don't mind me trying to live vicariously through you right now because this journey that your on looks amazing! And your right that red sea is really really blue!

Goojah Mama said...

Looks like a great day at the beach!!! Love the shirt & skirt... you look stunning.

Kristen said...

you are super cute! I love that outfit.

ron and joyce hanson said...

What an incredible girl you are!! We love reading about everything you are doing and seeing your incredible pictures (glad you got the camera back.)
Happy you got to swim in that beautiful Sea. Lots of love, J & R

Jaynee said...

gorgeous--all of it!