Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things Are Always Brighter in the Morning

Last night was not one of my best. I finally crawled into my bed more than a little bit stressed about the pile of homework looming ahead of me, a bit discouraged by some situations back in the States, and emotionally and physically exhausted. But before crashing, I read a few scriptures and prayed that things would look a bit brighter in the morning.

I woke up early to talk these some fabulous people who love me lots.
It must be said: my mom is a babe.

I had this song stuck in my head all day.

And I wandered around a city that looks like this:
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

It's hard to stay down for long when you are so incredibly blessed. I am so grateful to know that God hears my prayers and gives me the comfort I need to see the sunshine and warmth beyond the clouds, even when I sometimes begin to question whether I deserve such love. I know that that same loving Father in Heaven cares for each and every one of His children, no matter where they are and regardless of what name they call Him. He gave us everything, not even withholding His only Son, Jesus Christ. God gave us His most Beloved Son as a Savior so that we might be comforted by One who understands our every pain and heartache. As I walked the same streets that my Savior once walked today, I felt the warmth of His love in the sun on my face.

Last night, I prayed for solace. My prayers were heard and answered, and this morning I awoke with a perfect brightness of hope. The world wasn't magically transfigured to give me a life of ease, but I know that with the love of my Savior and my Father in Heaven, I can face the curveballs that life throws. Things truly do look brighter in the morning.

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The Dustins said...

Woo Woo! Your mom IS a babe! Lookin' good Mama Holloway! :) I love you Kels! I have enjoyed reading all your posts and hearing about all your adventures! You are doing some awesome things! I miss you!

Andy said...

You're adored back home. And try D&C 121:7-9 if you find yourself needing another pick-me-up.

Bet you didn't expect me to give you some scriptures, eh? Sleep on THAT!

Jaynee said...

don't you love getting those reassurances? you have a great testimony :)

martha said...

love you, kelsey, and your amazing testimony.