Sunday, February 6, 2011


Attention facebook friends & all:

1- I'm not facebooking whilst in the Holy Land, but I'd love to have you email me. I'm pretty sure my email is listed on my facebook homepage. (If not, contact my mama & she can get it to you.) I can, however, see the comments you make on my notes--thanks for all the fun feedback!

Which brings me to addendum #2-- I would just like to thank everyone for your enthusiasm about the firework chocolate. The comment count on that single blog post has now surpassed all of my other Jerusalem posts--COMBINED. So, for the duration of my trip, I shall only write about candy & food. :)

3-- Someone please contact Lauren (as in Chris &) for me & tell her I need a picture of her baby belly. Please & thank you.

4-- The Elders Harris are HOME!!! Welcome back, my brothers! I love you both all the way around the world--I hope the letters I sent from here made it to you.

5-- To all of you that I was having poke wars with--you know who you are--I haven't lost. I'm just out of range, for the time being.

6-- Shwarma is delicious. THE END.


Kristen said...

That's good to know, but please don't ONLY post about food. And did you get the letter I sent to you??

ChristineMarie said...

When you come home, you should have a Jerusalem party in which you cook yummy Middle-Eastern food for your favorite people. I, of course, should be invited :)

Jaynee said...

yes, write about the other things too! i'll be sure to comment if that helps :)

Goojah Mama said...

I want to hear about everything. Isn't this cool that I can comment now with this new high speed thingy :)
I know you love it.