Monday, February 21, 2011


I am most definitely going to be up all night finishing a written midterm on Palestinian History. I'm trying to convince my body that I'm back in Provo and it's actually only 1 in the afternoon. hmm. working? no.

current page count: 16

pages to go: at least 5. ish.

my general thoughts on this situation: 


below is an actual photograph of me, just to illustrate my distress & stuff:
(plea for assistance is in Hebrew)
 please note the JC uniform: hanes vneck, baggy jeans, chucks.
rant over. 

But Hezekiah's tunnel was, like, seriously SO cool. & I was allowed to wear SHORTS. & a headlamp.
photos coming forthwith.  

(stealing Lani's idea. she's smart. people always steal ideas from smart people. sometimes it's called "reinterpretation.")  soundtrack highlights: "Downtown Song" by Anberlin, "Mushaboom" by Feist, "Long Division" by Death Cab, &, perhaps the most fitting, "Fear" by OneRepublic. ( the line "can't rest even when the sun's down" seems rather apropo...)

so now, my friends both near & far, I must turn off my internet & bid you adieu. 

total pages: 18, 3.6 of which are single spaced
total word count: 6850
pages to go: 2, single spaced
mental capacity: depleted to a point of utter loopiness 


Jaynee said...

sounds (and looks) intense!

Goojah Mama said...

Love your artsy fartsiness. You are very good. Nice job on the essay or is it a book?