Thursday, February 17, 2011

Linguistic Love

I love my Hebrew class here at the JC. We're starting with the basics, but instead of learning "A is for Apple," we're learning things like "Chet is for Chanukiah (the Chanukah menorah)," "Tet is for Tallit (the prayer shawl)," and "Gimmel is for Glida (ice cream)!"  It's like being back in kindergarten, only with a lot more phlegm and a healthy does of Jewish Culture. It's pretty yofi (great)!

And look what I can do!

I can write my entire name in Hebrew script (in green crayon, of course).
I got a gold star. 


Andy said...

That's so hot. Yay Hebrew!

Kristen said...

A gold star AND a sticker. :)

Jaynee said...

sweet. I'm reading the Kingdom & the Crown books again since we're studying new testament this year in Sunday school, and I almost started pronouncing things in the Hebrew pronunciation the other day in sunday school....
love the green by the way--it's my favorite!!

Goojah Mama said...

Thanks for the love note in Hebrew!!! I looks really cool. You are so smart and multi lingwistical (sp?)
loves to you,