Saturday, February 19, 2011

snippets & snapshots: along the Nile

I'm playing catch up on blogging and working with an internet connection that comes from a fiber optic cable laid by the Romans in approximately 75 AD.  
So, understandably, it's a bit slow. 

I actually had to walk over to Hebrew University yesterday, as their internet connection was established in the Modern Era, to upload these pictures. What I didn't realize was this: Hebrew U is closed after 3 p.m. on Fridays. And Hebrew U closes in the same way that a prison "closes." There was no way to get on campus. We looked. 

But on our way back, while my faithful companions stopped to photograph some almond blossoms, I whipped out my laptop, just to see if I could get a wifi connection. Success! But my little hotspot didn't stretch much further than a five-foot block of sidewalk. So we huddled together on the side of the road, holding our laptops, watching youtube videos and uploading pictures for about 20 minutes while I downloaded some rather necessary new music-- OneRepublic and the soundtrack from [500] Days of Summer were on sale on Amazon! I could not help myself. (And I'm glad I didn't.)

Moral of the story: music is not optional, technology is cool, and college students will do about anything to get their fix of ridiculous youtube videos. And, slowly but surely, I'm documenting bits and pieces of my adventures in Egypt. 

The view from the top. Camels have REALLY long ways which they fold in bizarre ways.
While I work on this [endless] Palestinian history midterm, please allow me to share a few more snapshots and add some explanatory snippets.
While in Egypt, you really can't skip the traditional tourist camel ride. My guide, Mohammed, was about 11 years old and called me Shakira. This would be much more flattering if (1) we didn't hear this particular term of "endearment" ALL the time, and (2) I wasn't perfectly aware that I look nothing like Shakira. (But Sierra--you should go to Egypt.) And although I definitely felt like a tourist, it was pretty cool to ride a camel along the banks of the Nile. 

In other news, I decided to face my stagefright and participate in our formal talent show here at the JC earlier this week. 
I sang. 
By myself. 
On a really big stage in front of huge windows looking out over the city. It was my first solo performance in four years, and I. was. terrified. 
But I my wonderful friend Lauren agreed to accompany me (and wouldn't let me back out) and the audience was full of the sweetest people who were so supportive.
I sang "Gravity," by Miss Sara Bareilles, which has been one of my favorites for a few years now.  It really did feel good to be singing again, especiallysuch a gorgeous song with lyrics that have had quite a lot of meaning for me a time or two. Special thanks to my sous CHefs in Castille #302 who made me considering singing in public again. You guys are great. I owe you cookies.

This is the longest snippet ever. Shabbat Shalom!


Jaynee said...

that's so cool! all of it!

Goojah Mama said...

Randy really laughed at you camel shadow picture... very clever!
Wish I were there with you!